Fire Alarms

An effective fire protection system not only protects your home or business property from fire damage, but can also save the lives of your loved ones or employees.

Fire detection systems

We can design and install smoke alarm systems, fire alarm systems or a combination of both depending on our clients requirements.

 Alarm maintenance

This is required by legislation. Our experienced, skilled fire engineers can perform routine maintenance as well as emergency servicing on your fire detection system.

Alarm monitoring

 We can connect your alarm to our 24 hour alarm receiving centre meaning that we can monitor your system in real time.This allows us to contact and send out the relevant emergency services and your nominated keyholder ensuring that minimal damage is caused to your property and assistance is given to residents or workers as quickly as possible.

Fire extinguishers

We can arrange to supply and install a range of fire extinguishers for any application, from water to foam to co2 and everything in between.

Fire extinguisher maintenance

 We can arrange routine check ups of fire extinguishers ensuring that they are in working order, with the correct pressure and
that they have not been tampered with.

Site surveys

We provide free, no obligation site surveys by our experienced fire engineers.

 Fire risk assessments

 This is required by law if you have 5 or more employees working for you. We work with experienced fire risk assessors, not just fire alarm engineers or surveyors.