Intruder Alarms

City Alarms Ltd specialise in the installation, repair & routine maintenance of intruder alarm systems.

All of our alarms will be specifically designed & installed to the requirements of each individual building.


  •  All systems sold outright
  •  ISO 9001 Quality assured company
  • Engineer 10 year security screening
  •  Installation to current British & European standards
  •  No sub contractors used
  •  No phone call charges generated from your alarm
  • Only 1 year contracts
  • All clients receive a customer satisfaction survey
  • Family run business
  • Nacoss gold approved
  • Trading over 27 years
  • Which Trusted Trader approved
  • 24/7 Alarm service
  • Insurance approved
  • 24/7 Remote alarm monitoring
  • Police approved


There are 4 Security System Grades:

Grade 1 – Low Risk of Theft

If your property’s main threat is from opportunistic thieves, rather than a planned intrusion, then your property will require a Grade 1 Security System. This level of security assumes that an intruder will most likely try to break into your property through a door.

Grade 2 – Slight Risk of Theft

If your property contains something that may be of interest to an experienced thief, who may be familiar with how alarm systems work, then your property will need a Grade 2 Security System. This grade acknowledges that the thief will possibly carry tools to allow them access into your property.

Grade 3 – Reasonable Risk of Theft

If your property contains highly valuable objects that an experienced burglar will plan in advance to burglarise, then your property will require a Grade 3 Security System. This system takes into account that an intruder will look to access your property through the doors, windows or other openings, and will have a good understanding of most intruder alarms, which they will have the tools to overcome it.

Grade 4 – High Risk of Theft

If your property is highly likely to be targeted by burglars, then your property will require a Grade 4 security system. This system will consider the likelihood of having a group of burglars looking to intrude the property. These intruders will have the knowledge and tools to adjust your alarm system, and look to gain access through the floors, walls, and ceilings.